The Gabriel Medina Institute

Created by the dream from first brazilian world surf Champion, among his Family, Gabriel Medina Institute (IGM) has the purpouse to constitute new values of the sport, using the idol as a role model. To reveal champions in the waves, in order to be prepared for the future, whether as competitors or professionals acting in sports.

The idea of IGM became before Medina´s breakthrough world title conquer, as a retribuition of what surfing has been providing him in life. The activities were started by February 1st 2017, in a constructed headquarter with his own resources, in Maresias´ Beach, São Sebastião, in the same exactly place where Gabriel Medina learned how to surf.

Despite the short time activity, IGM has become a reference in Brazil and also worldwide as a high performance prep center for young surfing talents. The participants are selected in Surf Medina Contest and the Institute provides the same structure that Gabriel Medina currently has to train in physical, technical and medical care areas – all for free. Besides that, IGM guarantees language classes for their young athletes, as a view to the future.

The institute attends athletes from 10 to 17 year old boys and girls, who also receive food, equipments for the surf practicing, costs for travels to competitions, besides other benefits such as swimming, apnea training, psychological support, physiotherapeutic and dentistry care.

The only requires are the frequency in trainings and at school (in against shift). Medina Family also believes that sport is an important social tool, because it demands discipline, which is fundamental at education and even in any career they will follow in the future.